Below are the most common questions we receive. If your question is not here, please feel free to ask us.

What are your subscription rates?
Click here for the current subscription rates in your area, or call (707) 575-7500 for information.

There's a problem with my newspaper subscription. What should I do?
There are three ways to report a delivery problem:
Online Account Management: subscribe.pressdemocrat.com
Email: dispatch@pressdemocrat.com
Phone: 707-575-7500

What's the difference between the eEdition, App and website?
The eEdition is an interactive PDF version of the paper that readers may subscribe to. You can access the eEdition through any web browser, and read and flip the pages just like the printed version. Take it for a test drive.
The Press Democrat has two Apps. The Press Democrat App makes it easier to get and read stories on your iPhone. The Press Democrat eEdition App makes it easier to get and read our eEdition on your iPad.
PressDemocrat.com is currently a free website that allows you to access our local stories, events calendar, blogs, TOWNS sites, and much more.

How do I contact editors, writers, or columnists?
You can find their e-mail addresses on our staff directory page.
Phone: The Press Democrat offices at (707) 526-8570
Email: firstname.lastname @ Press Democrat.com
Mail: Staff Member, The Press Democrat, 427 Mendocino Ave., P.O. Box 910, Santa Rosa, CA 95402
Our goal is to respond to everyone who contacts the newspaper. Please allow some time for response because of the volume of feedback, questions and story proposals our writers and editors receive and because of their schedules and news coverage demands.

Where are you located, and what are your business hours?
The Press Democrat main offices are located at 427 Mendocino Ave. in Santa Rosa. The offices are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

How do I submit a letter for publication?
You can e-mail your Letter to the Editor to: Letters@pressdemocrat.com.
Clear, brief letters on a single subject are most likely to be published. Those selected might be edited. Because of space constraints and the volume of reader mail, Letters to the Editor are limited to 200 words.
Please include your full name for publication, street address and daytime phone number, letters not containing contact information will not be published. Letters must be written exclusively for The Press Democrat.

How do I submit a press release?
Press releases should be directed to the reporter or editor covering your topic of interest. Click here for a staff listing. Please avoid blanketing editors and reporters with the same press release. Responses cannot be made to press releases because of the large number that arrive daily in the newsroom. Press releases are used based on newsworthiness and not all can be published or used for an article.
If you have an event, you are welcome to enter it in the Events Calendar on the homepage of pressdemocrat.com.
For help with submitting your event in the Events Calendar, click here.

The Press Democrat corrects all errors of substance and clarifies information in news stories that was misleading or unbalanced. Corrections or clarifications typically appear on the front page of the section in which the error appeared, and they should always appear in the online version of the content.

How do I submit an obituary?
We offer two types of paid notices, which run in the Empire News section of The Press Democrat, and on pressdemocrat.com:
1. Funeral (Death) Notices, which are placed upon the death of an individual
2. In Memoriam notices, which publish on a loved one's birthday or on the anniversary of death.

There are two ways to submit these paid notices:
E-mail: funeralnotice@pressdemocrat.com in a .doc or text format, with photos in .jpg format.
In Person: The Press Democrat, 427 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Please include the following information when you place a notice:
-contact name, phone number and address,
-funeral home/mortuary name for a death notice,
-date(s) notice is to appear,
-notice written as you would like it to appear.

Photos will be cropped by the Press Democrat to the correct size.
You will receive an e-mail with a proof and cost for the notice.
Upon your review, please call us to approve; your credit card information will be taken by phone.
The Advertising Department handles all notices, which are accepted by e-mail: funeralnotice@pressdemocrat.com. For more details, call the paid notice desk at (707)526-8694.
A news obituary is run daily on B-2 of the Empire News section. Individuals for this unpaid obituary are selected by newsroom editors.

How do I tell you that's something wrong with the Web site?
Please e-mail the webmaster. If the problem is a typo, dead link, missing graphic, or other simple problem, we can usually address it right away. If there is a conflict with pressdemocrat.com and your particular computer/browser/connection setup, we'll need to get some more information from you.

Where can I find previously-published articles?
The archive contains text-only articles by Press Democrat staff, locally-written opinion columns and letters to the editor, from Sept. 1994 - yesterday. Searching is free, and there is a small fee to retrieve the full text of articles more than 60 days old. After you perform a search, you can refine your search to particular days by clicking on the desired date. You will be able to find every article that appeared online that day.
Payment Information for articles that are more than 60 days old
- Single article ($2.95)
- One week pass, 3 articles ($6.95)
- One month pass, 10 articles ($21.95)
- One month pass, 25 articles ($49.95)
- One month pass, 40 articles ($79.95)
- One month pass, 500 articles ($995.00)
- One year pass, 1000 articles ($1,995.00)
Visa, American Express and Mastercard are accepted.
You can also find copies of every edition of The Press Democrat at Sonoma County Libraries.

I saw an article in the paper/online but I can't find it online/in the paper. Where is it?
Most Press Democrat articles and photographs appearing in the newspaper are archived online, but not all of them. There also are several features such as blogs and entertainment listings and coverage that only appear in the online edition.

Can I reprint a Press Democrat article or photograph on my Web site?
No. All Press Democrat stories and photos appearing in print or on pressdemocrat.com are copyrighted and may not be reprinted, republished or archived without express permission. The Press Democrat does not authorize its material to be posted to a Web site or elsewhere online. Direct inquiries about re-use or republication of photographs or stories to Should be George Millener, senior editor, 707.521-5244 or george.millener@pressdemocrat.com.
You are welcome to link to any stories or photos appearing on pressdemocrat.com, provided the link lists pressdemocrat.com as the source.

How can I get copies of Press Democrat photographs appearing in print or on pressdemocrat.com?
To order photo reprints for personal use click here.

How do I place a Legal Notice?
We offer two ways to place Legal Notices. Simply click here to place your Legal Notice using our self-serve online options or you may contact our Legal Advertising Department at (707)526-8508 for assistance.

Where do I submit announcements for wedding, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays or other celebrations?
It's easy to place an ad in print and/or online in just a few steps! Click here, and simply select the type of ad you wish to place and you'll be shown package and pricing options on the following page.

What are your advertising rates?
Click here for our print and digital advertising information.
Click here for our print and digital Legal, Announcement, and Merchandise advertising information.

What Other Business Services do you provide?
Check out our new PDmediaLAB here.
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